Foot Master Ty is Here to Be Worshiped

Ty RoderickHey all you foot fags. Some of you may or may not have heard of me but I’m Ty Roderick and I’m here to be worshiped.

A Foot Master exists so that all of the lowly submissive foot fags out there can be put in there places and treated properly.

It’s a given that you want to suck some sucks, jack off to my sneakers or bury your face in some dress shoes but a bitch like you deserves to earn that privilege and that’s why a foot master exists. To make sure you EARN that honor of inhaling the foot fragrances. So when you come to me, you come to me with respect and a desire to worship a superior muscle god’s feet. Got that?

Ty Roderick is Here to Break You Down

When a foot master knows what you need and what it is you desire; that’s a dangerous place to be in because it gives me all of the power and strips you of everything. Now you’re in the position a foot slave should be in — groveling, begging and willing to give it all up to get at my big strong feet and hairy toes. Want to suck on one? HA! Threw you off on that didn’t I? Don’t lie you know you said yes to sucking on one!

I’m not going to explain anything more. You know your place and where you belong now get there and please your foot master properly you foot pig!



  1. Need to worship you rest of my life. Pay anything to sniff masters socks. Of course I realize I must earn this privilege even if I pay you. I need to be hypnotised by your feet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Call anytime.

  3. Pay anything to worship you! You were made to be worshiped and have numerous cash slaves!

  4. Stuart B. says:

    Would give up my life for you! I have millions, want it to all be my masters. Stuart

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