Footmaster Jake Knows What You Need

Footmaster JakeEverything about me is big. I’m tall, have big feet and definitely have some big meat. Footmaster Jake is all that you need when it comes to your foot fetishes.

My big feet are always wrapped up in white athletic socks and know how that goes!

Those frigging white socks really suck that sweat up and hold the scent in there like no other. Considering I play a boatload of sports they are well worth it and I rock them constantly.

Footmaster Jake Loves to Torment You

I love tormenting you foot worship addicts with my big feet and toes. Lately I’ve been messing around with more footslaves via webcam then ever before and it’s hilarious hearing them whining and whimpering over their microphones as I tease them with my feet.

Some of them even hop on their own cams and I can see the excitement in their faces as I slide my feet out of my rank sneakers. Needless to say I laugh my ass off and just continue working them over with my feet till they are owned.

Do you want to be next?



  1. Master, there is a bitch who wants to worship your feet. What do I need to do master?

  2. Pay anything to worship your feet

  3. what state do you live in?

  4. Do you visit Chicago?

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