Gay Feet Webcam Slaves Will Learn Their Place

Gay feet webcam slaves prepare yourselves.As a dominant master I’ve had plenty of different slaves but gay feet webcam slaves are the ones that I enjoy using and tormenting the most. With both of us knowing the power my feet possess, it leaves you foot slaves in such a vulnerable position.

I love tormenting my long distance feet slaves with my webcam while I laugh at them, make them endure gay verbal abuse or whatever else fits the mood or scenario but it’s even more fun when the slave wants to get on cam too.

So if you have a webcam — bust it out and shit gets real! It’s practically like being in the same damn room with each other. If you don’t have one it doesn’t matter because my feet are that really matter in this situation.

Ready to Earn Your Place Under My Feet?

If you’re looking for a real man to serve, a real foot master that knows how to use you properly then you know where to turn. Now it’s time you earn your place under my feet. What will it be? Bare? Boots? Ripe Socks? Connect up with me on webcam and lets see if you’re really ready for it.

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