Gay Foot Master Demands Obedience

Gay Foot MasterLet’s get one thing straight here; I’m a Gay Foot Master which means I dominant and rule over gay foot slaves. It doesn’t mean that I am gay which is definitely not the case.

I am a Alpha Straight Male that milks pathetic foot slaves and breaks them down into my obedient puppets.

You will learn to do exactly as your Foot Master commands and will do so with pleasure.

After all it is your duty to serve a straight alpha stud like me because you are truly beneath me and giant feet.

Gay Foot Master Rules Over You

Don’t you worry either because it’s not just my feet that are giant, oh no not at all. My body is ripped up and my slab is thick and intimidating as well. This Foot Master is the total package and demands obedience from all of my submissive slaves.

If you’ve been looking for a straight, dominant and strict Gay Foot Master, you’ve just found him. Now lets get to the fun part and get you prepared to serve my giant man feet.



  1. Master, may I please worship your feet!!!

  2. This bitch slave wants to worship your feet, What do I have to do master?

  3. Pay you 100,000 to sniff your smelly socks

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