Inferior Toe Sucker Needs Dominant Alpha Male

Master for inferior gay toe suckersI’m not even gonna lie, I’m an inferior gay toe sucker that needs a dominant alpha male in his life.

For years I thought I was weird because I did crave typical gay sex but I’ve come to realize I crave and need feet, specifically men’s hairy rugged toes to lick and suck.

But am I the only one out there like this? Is it just me and a few other people, because I have had trouble finding alpha males willing to let me serve their sexy toes. Some fellow gay guys will but I need straight guy’s sweaty toes in my mouth. What do you think?

Toe Sucker in Need to Straight Alpha Feet

First of all, it’s good to hear that you’ve come to grips with the fact that you are in fact a toe sucking slave. So the hardest part is over but now you’re looking for a way to get your fix but are having trouble finding guys — totally normal especially when just starting.

I’d suggest instead of looking locally for footmasters, I’d check out online resources and even hookup sites, so that you can cut to the chase and not waste time trying to find out. That alone will save you tons of time because you are definitely not alone in your fetish. There are tons of guys into it, you just need to know where to look

In the meantime if you’re looking to chat with and/or get off to guys online teasing you with their manly feet then check all the guys on gay feet fetish cam. That’s a way to at least keep you content for the time being while you begin your search.

Does anyone else have any tips or suggestions for this horny toe sucker?

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