New Gay Fetish Community to Check Out

Shaftly the Gay Fetish Community

Master wanted to bring to your attention a hot new gay fetish community to check out. It’s free and is in need of a lot more foot fetish fun but besides that it’s probably one of the coolest and cleanest sites I’ve seen in awhile.

Normally I wouldn’t do posts like this but when I see something I like I have to and this site seemed totally different then the standard gay porn sites you come across. The other thing was it is completely free which I like unless of course a foot slave is paying lol.

Shaftly.com is the website I’m talking about it reminds me of the gay version of tumblr and pinterest combined or something. Needless to say it has that social network feel but for kinky gay people share their fetishes and find others with similar interests.

We plan on creating an account there shortly and suggest you do too!

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