Watch a Hung Footmaster Smoke

Hung footmaster smoking a cigaretteDoes it turn you on fantasizing about a hung footmaster smoking?

It’s hard to deny how manly it is when you mix hot man feet, a big thick prick and have him lighting up right in front of you.

Just imagine the smirk on his face when he sees the effect it is having on you as you become weaker by the second. You might your hand to your dick right now but you need to hang on and realize that you can actually have that happen right now with me on webcam.

Watch Your Hung Footmaster Smoke

Excited? You should be but why the hell didn’t you already get in touch? Either way, when you do you’ll find out just how much you need my feet in your life and this heavy cock.

You’ll definitely know it’s the case when you see my smoke blowing into your face as I grip my bulge and flash my feet at you.

Do you think you can handle it? Share your favorite ways to enjoy the feet of a manly smoker in the comments area right below this.

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